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Virtually all the directors and permanent staff of MHCS Limited, which was formed in 1994, have a background in the hotel and catering industry and between them have operated various hotels, ultimately as general managers in 4 and 5 star hotels in Malta and overseas. On formation of the company, MHCS invested in the ownership of a hotel but latterly sold out and it also leased and operated a hotel under contract. Being steeped in the industry to such an extent makes it reasonable to deduce that the level of knowledge and expertise available to would-be developers and operators is extensive.

Today, services offered by MHCS Limited are not limited to the world of hotels and catering but have been extended to provide the service needs of other industries, particularly those which are highly customer focused. Management techniques in relation to staff attitudes to service will vary only little from one industry to another and the same principles of controlling them apply. We take pride in joining forces at management level with our clients to bring measured improvement to the service offered by their companies.

Personal service is at the cornerstone of the company’s approach and forms an integral part of its culture. We believe that by working to an overall plan which is geared to    improving efficiency and customer service in the work place        we will be successful in     attaining the client’s goals.  We work hard to be reliable, trustworthy, confidential in our     dealings and enthusiastic about what we do and these qualities, combined with sound   business acumen, is recognized by companies and is seen to be the reason for the company’s ongoing success.

Through its directors the company has played its part in the development of tourism in Malta. Executives have sat on the board of MHRA for many years, chaired the HR and Support Services directorate of the Malta Tourist Authority before the last organizational changes and lastly, Anthony Gatt, the company’s managing director, held the post of Chairman of the board of the Institute of Tourism Studies for several years. Such exposure has provided a good basis for networking around the industry which comes into its own when all doors seem otherwise to be locked shut. Miracles do not always happen but on the part of MHCS limited it will not be through a lack of trying if they do not.

The directors are available to discuss suggestions and ideas that prospective clients may have to further their business interests and we invite them to call us at their leisure.


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