Mystery Shopping

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Happy Clients

Happy Clients

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Other Services

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Other Applications

Executives at Work

Every successful Leader will lead the team by example and hence the success of the organization. When working with clients, MHCS will jointly devise a scenario that will allow them to reveal the true leadership qualities of an identified executive by using a series of mystery checks and other management tools; results inevitably point towards the decisions to be made to benefit the business.

Integrity Audits

In the hospitality world as in other industries where cash and credit handling can pass from one person or section to another at great pace, temptation can set in and some will succumb. When this is left unchecked it can become a scam involving a web of activities which can drain the business. At MHCS we prevent this situation from occurring; alternately we get to the bottom of the cause using mystery guest checks and other active management tools.

With the Data Protection Act in mind, cameras and audio recording can be put to use provided that subjects are made aware of this possibility beforehand.

Monitoring External Services

The reputation of an organization depends as much on the product being promoted in itself as on the execution or delivery of the external service provided. Staff engaged on such services be they Delivery Services, Security Provision and Maintenance Services, which by their nature are less closely controlled may fall foul of the temptation to  abuse the relative freedom to roam which has the double effect of damaging a company’s reputation and leaving it open to repercussions which in certain instances can be serious. By working with MHCS and conjuring up suitable scenarios, these factors can be monitored, measured and followed up  using mystery guest services and other management tools that MHCS provide.

Shopping the Competition

By monitoring competitors an organisation is in a better position to embark on a strategy and employ tactics that will outflank them to become the more successful operator.   MHCS will use their practical approach to management in conjunction with mystery guest services and other tools to check for footfall, standards, pricing, changes in product ranges, merchandising and competitiveness.  Knowledge is the most powerful tool to have in a management kit bag and this is what we help our clients obtain.

Email exchanges – quality, response times and email trails

The email has increasingly become the main tool of communication and frequently presets physical contact between a client and a company.  MHCS can create a variety of scenarios depending upon requirements to audit staff via email communication;  Based on a company’s standards, we can audit aspects such as speed of response, tone of email, information given, follow ups and internal cross communication.

Telephone answering and company interconnecting standards

In most cases, the telephone acts as our first immediate contact with our customers. It is imperative that we keep up the same high standards when answering queries on the phone as when we are face to face with our clients. MHCS can create unique mystery phone call programs that can be based on a variety of scenarios depending upon requirements.  Mystery phone calls projects are the perfect tool for understanding how information is being passed on to clients (Even if this is simply a request for information for opening times or directions).

Based on your standards, our secret callers will audit:

  • Speed of Response
  • Type of Greeting
  • Information given and clarity
  • Communication skills
  • Follow up and suggestions