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Happy Clients

Happy Clients

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Other Services

Other Services

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Consultancy – Maintenance – Turnkey Projects

— Consultancy —

MHCS draws on it’s not inconsiderable experience to provide hands on service to directors and managers offering advice and opinions on all matters from marketing and selling options including on line solutions, accounting and cost control measures, man management organization and effective personnel handling techniques, as well as employment regulation and legislation which covers all aspects of an employee’s life throughout their time with the organization including the adoption of the company’s cultural standards. We are very flexible to operate according to needs however, this usually requires periodic meetings, preferably once a fortnight and being available at all other times by being a phone call away. All this is wrapped up in a practical on-going solution led pro-active mode which is geared to produce fast results to benefit the short and long term.

With deep rooted experience in Hotels and all Catering sectors which includes retail, prospective clients can rely on sound and well tested advice. Furthermore the Developer of a new operation or the expansion of an existing one, can count on being given sound practical information on the operating features of a hotel or catering property/operation. If it can be said that the architectural contribution towards the development constitutes the hardware for the project, MHCS provides the software. MHCS offers a service that is customized to that client. It can take them step by step through the project from its beginning or engage with them at any stage of the development ; with local knowledge being a key factor in making things happen more quickly. MHCS can assist at any of the following stages:

  1. Identifying and researching the targeted markets and developing a concept on which the operation will be based
  2. Completing a feasibility study to assess financial viability.
  3. Making recommendations to ameliorate the end product ; Operationally, Financially and Physically
  4. Specifically place the catering operations under a microscope to ensure efficient use of space and manpower
  5. Speeding up the process for obtaining licences and permits.
  6. Ensuring time lines are respected by the various trades.
  7. Working to a time line in regard to the opening of the operation, and having target dates in relation to the engagement of key employees to slowly build the staff complement.
  8. Directing management towards good organization of systems and standards, as well as the motivation and training of staff.

— Maintenance and Turnkey Projects —

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MHCS has recently become involved in the Maintenance and Repairs of Holiday Accommodations. We understand what it means to enter into a home, and now have the resources to make sure that holiday accommodations will always feel like a home that any visitor would want to return to. We offer services of repairs, such as gypsum, electrical repairs and plumbing to make sure the accommodation is fully functional. Airconditioner services make sure the building can breathe fresh air into the rooms for all it’s visitors. Painting makes sure that the appearance of the room makes the visitor feel important.


MHCS Ltd is open to suggestions for joint operational ventures and could be interested in taking management contracts to operate properties. We are also open to suggestions to provide specialist services for existing operations such as Sales and Marketing and HR.

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